James is about to turn 69 and was seeking an expert to help him ensure he has the most affordable and appropriate health plan to coincide with his Medicare. The insurance agent he and his wife used forever had retired. So James did what makes the most sense - he googled "Medicare Supplement Policies."

His search results produced website after website that were offering a "free instant quote." Thinking he could do most of the legwork himself, he was immediately disappointed to learn that instead of getting a quote, he was directed to a page that thanked him and said he would be receiving a call shortly.

What happened next is all too common…

James did not have any way of knowing that he had just fallen for one of the oldest tricks in the book.  

Instead of getting a phone call from a licensed insurance agent affiliated with the web page he went to, his phone began ringing off the hook!  He quickly became frustrated. The agents calling were cold and impersonal. Not James’ idea of a good customer experience.  And…he had no way to stop it. He told callers to take him off their list but the phone kept ringing.

All James needed was a friendly, helpful, licensed agent to help him navigate the process and let him know if he was in the right plan.

Introducing PopIntros.

PopIntros is a web platform that enables consumers to shop licensed agents that serve the area in which they live. PopIntros gives the power back to the consumer – and enables you to choose a licensed, pre-screened agent you would like to work with based on their biography, experience, products they represent, carriers they represent, as well as language, and more. You even get to see what their “fun fact” is – and make a decision to connect.

Once the introduction is made, PopIntros steps away. And your information will never be sold to another company. You can be sure your information is only provided to the agent you select.

You to choose a licensed agent for your Medicare SupplementMedicare Advantage or Final Expense (Burial) insurance needs.

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