Seniors in the United States Save Thousands with Medicare Advantage and Supplement Plans.


The average senior is spending over $5,000 per year on out of pocket medical expenses – But thankfully, is changing that. 

Are you aware that many Medicare Plans have benefits that often include $0 Copays, $0 Deductibles, and $0 Premiums? These popular plans are available in the United States to those living in qualified zip codes.

There was a time when you would have to call dozens of insurance carriers directly, or get "free quotes" online to find out who offered the best Medicare Advantage or Supplement Plan in your area. This meant spending hours on the phone and even worse - getting spammed with calls from multiple companies... 

But that is changing. PopIntros is a web platform that enables consumers to shop licensed insurance agents that serve the area in which they live. PopIntros gives the power back to the consumer – and enables you to choose a licensed, pre-screened agent you would like to work with based on their biography, experience, products they represent, carriers they represent, as well as language, and more. You even get to see what their “fun fact” is – and make a decision to connect.

Once the introduction is made, PopIntros steps away. Your information will never be sold to another company. You can be sure that your information is only provided to the agent you select.

You can now receive a free phone consultation with the agent you select to discuss your Medicare insurance needs and compare all of the available plans across multiple carriers statewide, at no cost to you.

Just submit your zip code and connect with a local agent today!

How do I find the best plan? There is one simple thing you must know before looking for a Medicare Plan...

It’s difficult to research all of the options available to you on your own. PopIntros works with local licensed agents who are experts at finding Medicare plan options that fit your unique needs. When you consult with a licensed agent, you benefit from their knowledge and expertise that an online form can’t provide. makes shopping for licensed insurance agents easy and secure. Simply provide your zip code to view local agents. Once you've found a licensed agent you would like to connect with, you just answer a few simple questions so that we can introduce you to your agent and you can receive a free Medicare consultation over the phone. Even if you already have a Medicare Advantage/Supplement Plan, a licensed agent will help to make sure you have the best available coverage.

It’s no surprise that is becoming so popular enabling seniors to select licensed insurance agents in their area who help them save money on medical expenses and avoid getting bombarded with spam calls from "free quote" online engines. It’s amazing that seniors finally have access to a trusted source that helps them find the best agent for their insurance needs. 

PopIntros gives you the power to choose a licensed agent for your Medicare SupplementMedicare Advantage or Final Expense (Burial) insurance needs.

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*Benefits listed above are available only with certain Medicare Advantage plans*

DISCLAIMER: Medicare is available to those age 65 or older as well as US citizens on disability.