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Navigating insurance options is hard enough as it is, but for some reason when it comes to seniors, insurance is a breeding ground for scammers trying to take advantage of them.

Here's what happens when you're turning 65.

You get bombarded with mail and harassed by phone call after phone call, never knowing who you can trust.

Don't believe it? In 2020, the Federal Communications Commission issued its largest fine ever, $225 million to Texas telemarketers who sent about 1 billion robocalls falsely offering plans from major insurers like Aetna and UnitedHealth with an automated message. When consumers pressed a button for more information, they were transferred to a call center that sold plans not connected to those companies.

It was a complete fraud!

You can always search the web to get "free quotes" right? Well guess what happens when you do that? Your name, phone number, email and any information you provide is sold, resold and recycled. You may get calls for the next several years just from visiting one website. And you don't get your free quote right then and there, oh no, instead, you were entirely misled.

There has to be a better way, right? How can you protect yourself from these people that give sales a bad name? How can you find someone you trust?

That's where a company like intropops comes in. They created a revolutionary platform that allows you to choose the agent you want to work with so that you only speak with them, and it's a game changer.

And it's simple too. All you have to do is login to intropops, review profiles, look at photos and bios of verified, licensed agents and choose the one you want to work with. Then you can access their calendar and make an appointment with them.

Now you control the entire process.

When it comes to finding Medigap or Medicare Advantage plans, peace of mind is really what you're looking for and that's exactly what intropops provides.

We allow you to choose the licensed agent for your Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage or Final Expense (Burial) insurance needs.

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